I am starting my Postdoc Researcher position at Delft University of Technology today. My research is within the scope of Prof. Läslo Evers’ VIDI grant from NWO and aims to look at seismo-acoustic coupling. We are going to use signals from ground truth events (earthquakes, explosions, volcanic eruptions, landslides, etc.) in order to investigate the seismic and infrasonic components of the wave-field generated by these sources.

At this point, it all sounds very crazy to me. Think about it: We are going to look at signals that have propagated through the solid earth, generated a perturbation at the ground-air interface that was significant enough to move a large volume of air, this perturbation has traveled 50 km up into the stratosphere (or even 80 plus km into the thermosphere) and returned back down to a seismo-acoustic array on the ground at a distance of many hundreds of km away from the source.

Wish me luck!

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